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One Obama call
Seven phone calls from Hil-dog*
Please, primaries, END!

Yes, I voted for Obama. But voting in the primaries was exciting, because I got to get reconnected with N.C. politics. My kingdom for a Democratic Senate nominee that can take over Liddy Dole's seat. I can't stand that idiot woman.

*South Park Reference

Edit (3:46pm): That's eight calls from Hil-dog's camp. This time it's CHELSEA!

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This year I have been invited to three weddings, two baby showers and
an engagement party. I have to buy a car later this month. I will be
twenty-seven in a month and a half and my title will officially change
from Ms. Karen Spencer to Dr. Karen Spencer. My niece will be four in
June. Hmm. When the hell did I become an adult? A legitimate adult.

Thesis update: page thirty-seven, what's up?! I've been working on a
paper post for the last few days, but decided to condense it into one
large stream of consciousness opus to go up after I get done. Heh.
Got something to say, eh?
11:45pm: Okay, I've been working all day (KIND OF), and I"ll probably work some more tonight because I'm in the mood. I have 3,000 words now (YAY!), but someone that's only coming out to eight pages on MS word. I think that is wrong. But it is making me paranoid. But I got screwed a few months back and a paper I thought was seven pages ended up being TWELVE after I spell-checked it. WTF, WORD?

Also: I forgot to mention this last post: so I'm going to be training in pediatrics at the University of Maryland between July 2008 and July 2010. Is it me, or does 2010 not even sound like a real year? And I will be TWENTY-NINE. WTF?

The thesis: it is going well. So I probably mentioned this before, but my concentration for my MPH was the history and ethics of public health and medicine. And you know what's interesting about history? Is that the world is run by a bunch of fuckheads with huge egos and it is the clash of egos that prevents shit from getting done. I swear to God, that is the story of mankind. I love it. But it's kinda terrifying. Why didn't we get universal health care in the 1940s when every other industrialized nation did? Because some fuckheads in the American Medical Association got scared of the dive their salaries might take. I shit you not. It is fucked up to read the reasoning.

You know, if they taught what REALLY went on back in the day and not the whitewashed bullshit we learn in school, EVERYONE would have been a history major. I know I would have. You can't make shit like that up! More later.

12:13am: 3463 words! Moving right along: I'm sure tons of people have seen this clip of a three-year-old explaining Star Wars, but in case you haven't:

In basketball news: I cannot get over the fact that there's a chalk bracket for the final four. INSANITY. I really wanted Davidson to win, although to be honest I was a bit more afraid of them than Kansas. Mostly because we beat them in November (BARELY), and they would have been out for blood. I wonder what Kansas will come out against us Saturday night. If it's the Kansas I saw against Davidson, then no problems. But if not... could be ugly.

Also-- Tyler Hansbrough is a mother-fuckin' beast. That is all. Also, I have another Scheyer watch I've been meaning to post, but I can't be bothered to upload it. Dook's early exit was HILARIOUS, but not unexpected. I had them out early, but to Arizona instead of West Virgnia. Damn you, Pac-10. Or really: DAMN YOU CLEMSON. I'm still pissed as all hell they went out in the first round. What kind of fuckery was that?!?!?

12:36am: Oh I forgot to mention this: ever since I found out I matched, I'm a little nervous about moving to Baltimore. Even though I've been there a billion times, even though my parents are from there, even though I like the place... I can't get The Wire out of my head! Lord, have mercy. And they also talk about "University Hospital", which is the hospital I'll be at (OF COURSE). That makes me even more nervous. WAAAH!!

Then again, every time they make a Baltimore reference I get, I get really excited. Like the Utz crab chips that they only sell in Maryland. Or Sterlings. Or even University hospital. That's cool. And when McNulty and Bunk were eating crabs in the interrogation room--- that was really cool. Except the part when Bunk ate the guts. Ewwwww. I've never known ANYONE who does that. GROSS.

1:07am: 3897 words. Truckin' along. Here is a totally unedited quote from the thesis:

Industrialized nations also had the luxury of price-tiering, or charging exponentially higher prices to their domestic markets than they did internationally. This did not go unnoticed by domestic governments, however. Most infamously, U.S. congressional hearings blasted U.S. manufacturers for, as they termed it, “subsidizing vaccines for the poor children of the world by charging high costs to families and taxpayers” (Bloom, 2005, p. 23). As a result, U.S. manufacturers were barred from providing low-cost vaccines internationally in 1982 (Bloom, 2005).

The context is talking about how vaccine manufacturers in developing nations weren't able to compete with industrialized ones, because of the super-low prices that the industrialized ones charged. But that example is a bit fucked up. Note the year: Reaganomics at their best, huh? SIGH.

Ironically enough, it may go. Because while it's interesting and fucked up, it actually doesn't support my argument. I may move it to section IVB. I AM SO ORGANIZED, YOU GUYS. But that set me back to 3840 words. DAMN YOU!!!!

2:14am. 4505 words. FINISHED SECTION III. Although I was supposed to do that yesterday. BOORUNS. However, I am up to thirteen pages, and that's pretty good. Although for forty-five hundred words, I was certain I'd be at twenty or something. ::shrugs:: I guess it's the lack of footnotes (I have to use the APA citation style)?

Also: Facebook is such a fucking timesuck! Damn you, scrabulous!

Anyway, I think writing 1500+ words in 2.5 hours is great. I wrote 2795 today. SWEET. So I'm going to bed now. Hopefully I can kill section IV tomorrow. I actually only have six sections

2:25am: IT JUST WENT DOWN TO ELEVEN. I don't really get it. One minute it was thirteen. Then I accidentally had to retype the last sentence, which pushed my word count up to 4513. Then it was only eleven pages. What the fuck? I hate you, microsoft. Now it's time to sleep.

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Wow, this is probably my last paper post. As a student, anyway.
WOOO! After many, many weeks of anal-retentive planning and research,
I'm finally starting to write my thesis. My outline is THIRTEEN
pages. Holy shit. And I only did it for my own benefit so I can
kill this thing in the next twelve days or so. Oh well. LET'S GET

3:19pm: I know I've mentioned this before, but David Banner's "My
Life" is AWESOME. It's the black man's emo anthem. Check these

"I can hear it in the cold of the night, ya'll niggas wanna take ma life (oh)
I been tryin ta do right, but they still wanna take ma life (oh)"

"I can feel it in the night time
I say the lord gave life, but these niggas wanna take mine
I heard it through the grapevine
They have to feel, they'd rather see me burnin in hell, n thats the truth
They'll set you up got proof, think about the 12 diciples
With one trade it dead to christ, for small cheese
And they'll do it to me, damn and they'll do it to you
It only takes one in ya crew
To cock back, bla, and take ya life from you"

I mean, it's awesome. It's so awesome. Anyway... TO WORK.

3:58pm: Crapola. I've written a paragraph. But I had to do some
more checking. And procrastinating. Damn you, Inside Carolina
message boards!!!

Anyway, a quick Battlestar note: I'm surprised, but I'm pretty
apathetic about its return next week. And especially after seeing
Katee Sackhoff's EW video interview when she's all like "We're
fourteen episodes in and I have no idea what the hell is going on with
my character!". Ugh. I have to be honest-- I was getting pretty sick
of the weird metaphysicalness of BSG last year. I love the show, but
I have a sci-fi threshold. Stuff like Angel and Star Wars are fine,
but I start to zone out with stuff like Star Trek. And it's not that
I minded the final five reveal, but even before that it was starting
to get weird. And Starbuck's return is pinging that weirdness beacon
for me. Hmmm.

4:51pm: RECOVERY! I have about 700 words. Which isn't bad and is
actually going pretty well.

6:21pm: FUCK YEAH. So I'm up to 1435 words now-- Five pages and some
change. That's pretty nice. And scary considering that covers a
little less than two pages of my outline. But I think that's pretty
darned good. I may do section IIIA (and maybe B) before I finish up
for today. JAYZUS.

7:33pm: Still doing okay. But I really thought the damn game started
at 9:50pm, but it's '9:05. So that means I need to skedaddle soon. I
really REALLY wish someone would take UCLA down. It's not for my
bracket-- I mean, I had UCLA in the title game. But I hate them and I
don't like the basketball they play. This year, anyway. I've liked
them in the past, but fuckin' a their game is ugly as hell. GO XAVIER

7:47pm: This was a shit paper post. But I'm at 6.5 pages. Pretty
dadgum good, I think (tm Roy Williams). UGH, I am so nervous about
our game tonight, it is not even funny. Wish us luck! Go, Fight,

Also, I have no one to watch the game with so I'm going out alone.
That makes me feel kinda bummed for some reason... waaaahhhh!!!
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So you know, my Midwest bracket is completely fried (DAMN YOU, CLEMSON
AND USC), but Davidson looks fucking awesome.

If we make it past Louisville and they make it past the Kansas/NOVA
match-up, we will see a rematch of our game in November.

A game we won by 1 point. Or so.


Also: Dear Davidson: why the fuck did you have to lose to State
early in the year to make me doubt your awesomeness? WHY?!?! I
would have picked you in a heartbeat, man! DAMN!

Love, Karen

Also: Texas: Thank you for winning handily...
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"They care much more about two-dimensional people than they do about three-dimensional. It is a different kind of fandom. There does get a proprietary almost autistic kind of relationship between people and comic books. Not with everyone, obviously, but you can evoke ire that you've never dreamed of in TV." -- Whedon from NPR's Morning Edition 3/25/2008

Okay: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Perhaps I should be offended because I'm a future pediatric neurologist, but using "autistic" as a verb for obsessing over something is fucking hliarious. And that is such a good descriptor for the madness that can overtake comic fans sometimes (hi, scans_daily!). This would make me love him again, if he hadn't fucked up Runaways like whoa.

And hey, look! IRONY. Love it. Heh.

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Yes, we beat Virginia Tech to go to the ACC finals vs. Clemson (SUCK IT DOOK). But the best thing about it was this game winning shot and subsequent celebration by Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and The Sporting News National Player of the Year Tyler Hansbrough.

Clearly, he is the Elaine Benes of college basketball. That is some funny shit. Yet: it is such pure, unbridled joy that how could I not love it. But it is truly goofy as hell.

One note: Clemson's only problem is, and has always been this season and last, itself. They almost let their game slip against dook because of themselves. And I hate these articles saying we got robbed of a UNC vs. dook part III. Fuck that noise. I wanna play Clemson. They are good as hell and they need to play like that. Hell, we almost lost to them. TWICE. We need to beat them during the whole game and not just in the last few minutes. And I look forward to that.

Also, because you know you've been missing Scheyer Watch:

He always brings the lulz.

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I don't worry 'cause, Carolina's fucking number one, yeaaahhh...

UNC - 76, dook - 68

SUCKAS. We've now won at Cameron three years in a row. And we're ACC regular season champs! Wheee!!! I love my boys. And I havent' posted in awhile because I have been working on my public health thesis, but I will say this: the story of our season has been about motherfucking Quentin Thomas being the man and holding our team together. This dude is our third-string point guard and was formerly a walking turnover for us. But once Ty Lawson (our first string point guard and future NBA lotto pick) when down and our second string point guard being out for the season (ACL tear), Q stepped the fuck up for us and was fabulous. Ty has been back for a few games now, but Q's been holdin' it down. Also, the rest of our team stepped it up (especially Tyler Hansbrough), but Q gaining confidence was probably the best thing about it. He's a great player, he just needed to believe in himself. Love him. I am his number one fan.

But I love Ty too (obviously) and speaking of Ty:

Oh Ty. Don't let Scheyer scare the ball out of your hands!

I do have a shiny new obsession now. Not a new comic book (and lord have mercy, how the hell did All-Star Batman and Robin suddenly become poignant??). But a new (to me) TV show: The Wire. How the hell did I miss this show before? It is fucking great! I just finished season one, so if you comment PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ME. I seriously know nothing about the future. But I did find a quote that encapsulates why I like the show so much better than I can:

The Wire,which has just begun its fourth season on HBO, is surely the best TVshow ever broadcast in America. This claim isn't based on my havingseen all the possible rivals for the title, but on the premise that noother program has ever done anything remotely like what this one does,namely to portray the social, political, and economic life of anAmerican city with the scope, observational precision, and moral visionof great literature.

During its first year, it was possible to mistake The Wirefor merely an unusually shrewd and vivid police drama. But the programhas gotten richer and more ambitious with each season and now fits onlyinto a category it defines by itself: the urban procedural. Itsprotagonist is the broken American city of Baltimore, depicted withobsessive verisimilitude and affectionate rage. Its fundamental concernis the isolation and degradation of the black underclass, a subjectthat has, with the exception of a blip after Hurricane Katrina,disappeared from the political radar screen. If the national conscienceis ready for another sleepless night about the waste of lives in theghetto, I expect that The Wire will be what keeps us awake.

And my parents are from Baltimore, so even though I don't understand all the references, I get a lot of them. The most poignant one was when Carver (I think) was talking about how he just got a crab cake (or maybe some other type of fish) from Sterlings. My mom took me to Sterlings as a kid. It was in a sketch area, but the crab cakes were SO fucking good there. Then a few years ago, the owner was shot and killed and now the store is owned by Koreans. Hmmm. So very Baltimore, huh.

But I like it because it's such a great social commentary and it does it by virtue of keeping it so fucking real. And that's what I love about it. There are no mustache-twirling villains to be found there. It's a fucked up show because real life and real motivations are fucked up (which is why I rail so hard on B.S. melodrama). It's fantastic. Here's a clip of my favorite scene so far (no spoilers!):

They really only say one word! For four minutes! AWESOME. And apparently my love for it makes me a white person. (ha, I really love that blog).

Anyway, that's about it. I find out where I matched for my first two years of residency next week. WHOOOOO!!

And also, because I am obsessed with hulu.com (awesome), here's an AD clip from S1. You know you miss that show as much as I do...

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**First, let me just get it out of the way:

dook - 89, UNC - 78

Oh boo, dook. Ty was out, but we could have been better. The game was actually closer than that. But still. It was bad. We've since won two games (close games), but we're still struggling with having to play with our number three option for the PG. Oh well. I BELIEVE IN YOU, Q! YET: please get better soon, Ty. Please?? Then again, Q's gotten much better. Tonight, Ginyard was actually turning over the ball quite a bit. Hmmm.

Also, because I cannot resist (and I have been neglecting him this season, after I had to avoid the Turtle Sports Report after we took an L to Maryland):


**So, I am done with residency interviews! Yay! And lo and behold: I'm going to be a pediatric neurologist! Yay! So that part is an early match, so i found out in late January that I'll be going to Boston Children's for residency... in July 2010. Hehehehehe. I have to do two years of pediatrics first, and I'll find out about that in March. But I am very excited. Thank you for your support, friends! I'm also nervous: it was my first choice and it's a great program. Whew! Now, to do my public health thesis...

**Y: the Last Man ended last month. No spoilers here, but it was fucking awesome. And very appropriate. I am a total BKV whore, except the part where he closed down the Cabal. :( I've mentioned this before, but I adore his message board. And I love posting there. People there are sane, and it's good conversation. Also, BKV is a genius. But I guess it may have been a timesuck as he starts to work on a lot of cool shit. Best of luck to him!

Though I may now become a full-time Brubaker ho as a result. Hot damn, Captain America and Iron Fist are so fucking amazing.

**I have three weddings to go to this year. Insane! Yet: awesome. First one's next month!

**With the economy continuing to turn down, I am insanely bummed that Edwards is out. I thought he'd at least stay through Super Tuesday. Though, I have to say, I was watching my boys play (instead of watching that super-friendly debate between Hil and Barack) and seeing Edwards in the stands warmed my heart. Also, he was cheering his ass off at the dook loss, so I may permanently love him now.

I am really hoping that Obama pulls it out. Not crazy about his politics on paper (I really think that Hillary has him there), but I do think we need something different than another few years with the Clintons. Especially in light of my last post. And I do think he's running with a safe platform. But I really like the guy for some reason. And I think that with our international image being so tarnished, having him as our international representative would be nothing but a good thing.

**I am glad the strike is over. But bummed that so many of my fave shows are done for the season. Oh well, at least there's Project Runway and Top Chef. As well as 30 Rock and The Office.

**Speaking of 30 Rock, this clip makes me laugh my ass off every time.

That's it. More later? Heh.

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Passes Bill to Extend Government's Spying Powers.
Passed 69-29.

Fucking a. FUCKING A. I love how violating our civil liberties takes
precedence over, you know, doing actual concrete things to improve our
security. There's a report somewhere about that, but I don't feel
like looking it up.

I have neglected my poor livejournal in favor of my shiny new
facebook. I apologize. I'll be better. Stuff has happened! Also,
my sister said she supports McCain over Obama. GAAAHHHH!!!!!!

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